Free code, software for gym in C# .Net – GYM Hdeleon 1.0 (English)

There is a premium software with more features, and you can see it here

I created gym software which is a success, this software is free, and not only that, the code is free too.
The next video describe the software.

This software was downloaded more than 20 thousand times, and now it’s in English.

If you want to thank me for my source code in a monetary way you can donate money for a beer in the next link: 

The technology is C# .Net with mysql database.

The software has the next modules:

  • Authentication
  • Members
  • Memberships
  • Registry of visits
  • Products
  • Purchases
  • Sales
  • Reports
  • Backup/Restore


If you want this software with registry by fingerprint, I have a new version in 15 usd. (Include the code too and others extra modules)

Spanish version



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